IKE 24 Line PABX & Intercom System

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IKE 24 Line PABX & Intercom in Bangladesh

The IKE 24 Line PABX & Intercom System is a telecommunications system designed to provide efficient communication within an organization or building. It consists of a Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) and an intercom system, which work together to enable internal communication and external telephone connections.

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Here are some key features and functionalities of the IKE 24 Line PABX & Intercom System:

  1. Line Capacity: The system supports up to 24 lines, allowing multiple simultaneous calls to be made or received within the organization.

  2. Internal Communication: The intercom feature allows users to make calls between different extensions within the system. This facilitates quick and direct communication between employees or departments within the organization.

  3. External Communication: The PABX component enables external telephone connections, allowing users to make and receive calls from outside the organization. This is particularly useful for businesses that need to communicate with clients, customers, or external partners.

  4. Call Routing: The system supports call routing functionality, which ensures that incoming calls are directed to the appropriate extensions or departments within the organization. This helps improve efficiency and reduces the chances of missed calls.

  5. Voicemail: The IKE 24 Line PABX & Intercom System may include voicemail functionality, allowing callers to leave messages when the intended recipient is unavailable. This feature ensures that important messages are not missed and can be accessed at a later time.

  6. Call Transfer: Users can transfer calls to other extensions within the system, allowing for seamless communication handover or transferring calls to the appropriate person.

  7. Conference Calls: The system may offer conference call capabilities, enabling multiple participants to join a single call. This feature is beneficial for group discussions, meetings, or collaborations.

  8. Call Management: The PABX component typically provides call management features such as call holding, call forwarding, call waiting, and call logging. These features help users effectively handle incoming and outgoing calls.

  9. Compatibility: The IKE 24 Line PABX & Intercom System is designed to be compatible with various types of telecommunication devices, including analog phones, digital phones, and IP phones. This allows organizations to use their preferred type of devices with the system.

It’s important to note that specific features and functionalities may vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the IKE 24 Line PABX & Intercom System. It’s recommended to refer to the system’s documentation or consult with the vendor for detailed information about a particular product.

IKE 24 Line PABX & Intercom System in a table specification:



Line Capacity

Up to 24 lines supported

Internal Communication

Intercom feature for calls between extensions within the system

External Communication

PABX enables external telephone connections for incoming and outgoing calls

Call Routing

Incoming calls directed to appropriate extensions or departments


Optional voicemail functionality for capturing and retrieving messages

Call Transfer

Ability to transfer calls to other extensions within the system

Conference Calls

Capability to host multi-participant conference calls

Call Management

Features such as call holding, forwarding, waiting, and logging


Supports analog phones, digital phones, and IP phones


  Incoming CO Line

  Local Station(Extension)

Expandable or not


2, 3, 4

8, 12, 16,24, 32





AC110V or AC220V   50-60Hz

Feed Currency

DC48V; 25mA

Ringing Currency



15 second

Communication path


Extension number length

2 to 4 digits

Caller ID

* Receive: Auto adapt DTMF, FSK (Bell.202)

* Send: FSK (Bell.202)

Dial mode


Degree of Unbalance

about earth

* 300Hz~600Hz≤40dB

* 600Hz~3400Hz≤46dB

Transmission Attributes

* Extension to extension ≤1.5dB

* Extension to extension ≤2.0dB

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IKE 24 Port Intercom Price in Bangladesh 2023

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