Panasonic KX-TDA600 Hybrid & IP PBX System

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Panasonic KX-TDA600 Hybrid & IP PBX System in Bangladesh

The KX-TDA600 is system that offers growth from a single-cabinet PBX approximately the size of a KX-TDA200, to a fully expanded 4-cabinet system, well over 1,000 ports (2,000 ports using DXDP).  People that are upgrading to a KX-TDA600 from a KX-TDA100 or KX-TDA200 will find that most of the cards are usable with very few exceptions.  The exceptions are 8 and 16 circuit Loop Start Central Office Trunk cards (LCOT8 and LCOT16), the 16 circuit Single Line Telephone cards (SLC16) and the Echo Canceller Daughter Board.  These 4 cards will not work on the KX-TDA600 or KX-TDE600.

Panasonic offers 2 extra large PBX products, the KX-TDA600 and the KX-TDE600.  These 2 models are very similar but for now, we’ll just say that the KX-TDE600 is the better product because it offers IP features straight out of the box whereas the KX-TDA600 requires extra cards to achieve the same functionality.  We’ll elaborate on the difference later.

The main or starter cabinet contains a power supply, the Central Processing Unit, the Master BUS Card and 10 universal slots.  The 3 available expansion cabinets can each contain a power supply and 11 universal slots for a total of 43 maximum universal slots.  Some of the cards that are used in the system have a density of 8 circuits per card, some have 16, some have 24 and one has 23.  So – to say that the KX-TDA600 is a 1000 port or 1500 port PBX would be difficult because it would depend on the exact configuration.  However, to have some sort of idea as to its size, we refer to the KX-TDA600 as being slightly larger than 1000 ports.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that the KX-TDA600 supports a very high-end line of non-SIP proprietary Panasonic VoIP telephones.  These phones require the addition of VoIP extension cards – 1 card for every 16 IP phones up to 640 phones or 40 IP cards.

To summarize, this system is well suited for large to very large business applications in one building or multiple buildings.  Because of its hybrid architecture, it is often the preferred PBX where there is a need for large numbers of multiline digital extensions, multilane IP network extensions, single line extensions and/or personal cellular extensions.  The KX-TDA600 supports both Analog Central Office Lines (POTS) and Digital Trunking using T1 and/or ISDN-PRI.  The KX-TDA600 does not support SIP Trunking or SIP Extensions.  If your application requires either SIP Trunking or SIP Extensions and you are into this size PBX, we recommend that you purchase the KX-TDE600 PBX instead since it supports SIP.

  • Max CO Lines: 640

  • Max Analog COs: 640

  • Max VoIP (H.323) trunks: 32

  • Max Total Extensions: 960 (1120 using DXDP)

  • Max Analog Proprietary Extensions: 320

  • Max Single Line Telephones: 960

  • Max Digital Proprietary extensions: 512 (640 with T7600, DT300 series)

  • Max IP Proprietary Phone extensions: 640

  • Multi-Cell Wireless Compatibility

  • Maximum Cell Stations (Antennas): Up to 128

  • Maximum Portable Handsets: 256 ( 512 with memory expansion card)

  • Maximum Doorphones: 64

  • Centralized Voicemail: with KX-TVA Voice Mail Systems

  • Direct Station Select (DSS) Consoles: 64

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 16.3 x 16.9 x 10.6 (per shelf)

  • Part Number: KX-TDA600