Toa TS-691L Chairman Unit with Long Microphone

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TS-691L Chairman Unit with Long Microphone in Bangladesh

The TS-691L Chairman Unit with Extended Microphone is a communication tool created to assist in conversations, gatherings, and assemblies. This device includes a special elongated microphone that provides a longer range for the leader, enabling them to talk and oversee conversations efficiently. The layout encourages transparent and effective communication in a team environment.
The TS-691L Chairman Unit comes with state-of-the-art audio technology to ensure the best sound quality and clarity. The easy-to-use controls and user-friendly interface enable the chairman to easily manage the flow of discussion and handle participant interactions. The lengthy microphone offers improved adaptability, allowing the leader to guide the conversation even from afar.

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Toa TS-691L Chairman Unit Key features:

Long Microphone Reach: The TS-691L is equipped with a long microphone that provides extended reach for the chairman, enabling clear and effective communication even from a distance.

Clear Audio Quality: Advanced audio technology ensures exceptional sound quality, allowing participants to hear and understand discussions with clarity.

Intuitive Controls: The unit features user-friendly controls that make it easy for the chairman to manage conversations, control microphone activation, and guide the flow of discussions.

Durable Construction: Built to withstand regular use, the TS-691L boasts a robust construction that ensures reliability and longevity.

Flexible Usage: Suitable for various environments such as conference rooms, boardrooms, and lecture halls, the unit adapts seamlessly to different discussion settings.

Efficient Moderation: The chairman can effectively manage and moderate discussions, ensuring smooth interactions among participants.

Visual Indicators: LED indicators provide visual cues, indicating when the microphone is active, muted, or in queue to speak, streamlining the conversation flow.

Delegate Units Compatibility: Compatible with delegate units, the TS-691L supports structured communication in scenarios where multiple participants contribute to the conversation.

Ergonomic Design: The unit's design prioritizes user comfort, allowing the chairman to focus on facilitating discussions without distraction.

Priority and Override: The chairman can utilize priority and override functions when necessary, enabling them to gain control of the conversation and address urgent matters.

Language Interpretation Support: The unit can be integrated into setups that require language interpretation, making it versatile for international or multilingual discussions.

Expandability: The system can be expanded to accommodate additional chairman or delegate units, ensuring scalability for growing communication needs.

Toa TS-691L Chairman Unit specification:

Power Source36 V DC, 30 mA or less (supplied from the Central Unit TS-690)
OutputHeadphone/Recording: Ø 3.5 mm, mini jack (3P: monaural)
Internal speaker: 130 Ω, 200 mW
ControlSpeech: Microphone, speaker on-off control by speech button
Priority: Microphone, speaker on-off, another microphone cut-off, and
single-tone chime activation by priority button
Volume control: Headphone/Recording and internal speaker volume adjustable
Microphone Unit
Electret Condenser Microphone
Directivity: Unidirectional
Impedance: 1.8kΩ
Sensitivity:  -37dB (1kHz 0dB = 1V/Pa)
Frequency Response: 100Hz - 13 kHz
Length: 518mm
Weight: 105g (0.23 lb)
Operating Temperature0 °C to +40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Operating Humidity90 %RH or less (no condensation)
FinishUpper case: ABS resin, metallic grey, paint
Lower case: ABS resin, black
Dimensions145.3 (W) × 70.7 (H) × 150.5 (D) mm (5.72" × 2.78" × 5.93")
(Excluding Microphone Unit)
Weight800 g (1.76 lb) (Excluding Microphone Unit)
AccessoryLong Microphone Unit x 1
OptionExtension cord: YR-790-3, YR-790-10

TOA TS-691L Price in Bangladesh 2023

Price:৳ 27,500.00
Item: Chairman Unit (Conference System)
Contact No:+88 0185-3330344
Hotline:+88 0185-3330338
Warranty:One Year

What is the price of Toa TS-691L Chairman Unit In Bangladesh?

The latest price of TOA TS-691L Chairman Unit for Wired Conference System in Bangladesh is ৳ 27,500.00. You can buy the TOA TS-691L Chairman Unit for Wired Conference System at the best price from our website or visit any of our offices.