Ahuja AUD-98XLR Unidirectional Dynamic PA Applications Microphone

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Ahuja AUD-98XLR Unidirectional DynamicMicrophone Price in Bangladesh

The Ahuja AUD-98XLR is a unidirectional dynamic microphone designed for use in various PA (Public Address) applications. Its unidirectional nature means that it primarily captures sound coming from one direction, making it particularly useful for situations where background noise rejection is important.

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Ahuja AUD-98XLR key features:

  The microphone is designed to pick up sound mainly from one direction, reducing the pickup of unwanted ambient noise from other directions. This is beneficial for maintaining clear and focused audio.

Dynamic Microphone: Being a dynamic microphone, the AUD-98XLR does not require external power and can handle high sound pressure levels (SPL). This makes it suitable for capturing loud audio sources without distortion.

PA Applications: The microphone is intended for use in PA systems, which are commonly found in public speaking engagements, live performances, conferences, seminars, and other similar scenarios.

XLR Connectivity: The "XLR" in the model name indicates that the microphone connects using an XLR cable, a standard type of audio cable used in professional audio setups. This type of connection ensures a secure and reliable audio signal transmission.

Durable Construction: The microphone is built to withstand the rigors of live sound environments. It typically features a rugged build quality to handle frequent use and potential rough handling.

Versatility: While primarily intended for PA applications, dynamic microphones like the AUD-98XLR can also be used for recording instruments and vocals in studio settings, especially when a focused directional pickup is desired.

Mounting Options: The microphone often comes with options for mounting on a microphone stand or holder, allowing for flexible placement and positioning.

When using the Ahuja AUD-98XLR microphone, it's important to position it correctly to ensure optimal sound capture. Experimenting with its placement and adjusting its angle can help achieve the desired audio quality.

Ahuja AUD-98XLR microphone Price in Bangladesh

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What is the price of Ahuja AUD-98XLR dynamic microphone In Bangladesh?

The latest price of Ahuja AUD-98XLR is a unidirectional dynamic microphone in Bangladesh is  ৳ 3,500.00. You can buy the Ahuja AUD-98XLR is a unidirectional dynamic microphone at best price from our website or visit any of our offices.